Our Monday morning sessions are certainly talkative! We make fairly democratic choices about the chosen books, our last three being short story collections, which seem to suit us very well, but who knows what we will decide upon next? The last three, all suggested by different members, have been by Alice Munro, Mark Haddon and (currently) Angela Carter.

    We read aloud around the group, which is not at all intimidating, and after a page or two engage in a lively discussion which can include any aspect of what we’ve read; the characters, their motivation, the plot or literary skill of the author. This is often peppered with anecdotes and enlightened by the depth of knowledge that our members bring from their working lives. We get much more insight than we might if we’d been reading in isolation, and well oiled by tea or coffee and fuelled by biscuits, it is for many of us the ideal “Start the Week.”

    If you’d like to join us, each Monday from 10.00-12.00 in The Classroom at Walton Community Centre, ST15 0EQ, contact Liz Mills on 01785 816780.