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    Commencing 18th September is the first of the Autumn Courses. This will be a Computer Course for Beginners. This is a 4 week course for laptops, (bring your own). Other courses will be run during October to December but subjects (Laptops, Tablets or Workshops) have yet to be determined based on enquiries.

    All courses take place on Tuesday at Hilderstone Village Hall on Tuesdays 10-12noon.

    To enrol contact Roy on 01889505676 or email clark.roy2@yahoo.co.uk 


    For Information:

    There will be no Yoga on 20th Feb 2018 and none until after Easter. 

    Classes due to start again on 10th April 2018.


    LEARNING BY NUMBERS - NIcholas Daws is looking to start this potential new group in January on 2nd & 4th Tuesdays of the month from 2.00pm - 4.00pm.   Interested members should contact Nicholas on 07966 775636 or email nicholasdaws@gmail.gov.uk.

    Below is a description of the planned activity.

    To explore topics that illuminate key ideas in the development of and/or current thinking in mathematics, science and the social sciences using logical / numerical / approaches with reference to methods of measurement and empirical evidence where appropriate. I have in mind the range of content that is covered in the magazine New Scientist. e.g. cosmological ideas re the nature of the universe, advances in brain science and cognition, key experiments / theories in the development of understanding in the sciences / branches of mathematics / technologies such as information technology. The journalistic style of articles in the magazine enables engagement by interested readers who may come from a wide range of backgrounds. I would to hope to emulate this inclusive approach in the presentations and in the way the meetings are conducted

    MAH JONG - is there any members who would be willing to lead a Mah Jong group, we have had 3 sets of Mah Jong bequeathed to us and are looking for someone to start a new activity. Interested then please contact Carol Keogh on 01785 615200 or 
    email keogh_carol@yahoo.co.uk


    An agreement has been secured with Mount Nurseries at Spotacre, Hilderstone that any member of our U3A group, on the production of a valid membership card, can obtain a 10% discount.


    It has been pointed out that to receive a discount on stationery items at Rymans, Stafford one has to sign up to a "student discount card". Your U3A membership card is not acceptable.


    Cheadle (Staffs) U3A arrange film showings at Uttoxeter Cinebowl from time to time and members of Stone, Stafford and Uttoxeter U3As are invited to attend.

    The latest film showings are listed on the Cheadle U3A website which can be accessed via this link here.


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