During term time we meet for two hours from 10am every Tuesday 
    at Walton Community Centre.

    Contact : Ted Kennedy (01785 615101 -

    or Michael Harrison (01785 814856 or



    The Modern Wisdom group uses contributions led by several of our members to examine a wide range of philosophical ideas. Open discussion is integral to our meetings. We are not an academic group but are willing to think about ideas that are sometimes difficult. 


    Philosophy is a process, not a body of completed knowledge. We
    appreciate that we rarely find answers but we are always finding 
    new perceptions and ever more interesting questions. To us, the 
    acceptance of the uncertainties in our understanding is in itself 
    consoling. We represent a wide range of differing opinions on social 
    and political issues but we are all continually challenged in our 
    settled assumptions by the wisdom of great philosophers and, as 
    importantly, by the wisdom of our colleagues. We are always 
    disagreeing but never disagreeable, always sceptical but never 
    cynical, always willing to illustrate our ideas by personal experience 
    but never willing to refute an argument by personal attack. And it seems to be working.