Commencing 18th September is the first of the Autumn Courses. This will be a Computer Course for Beginners. This is a 4 week course for laptops, (bring your own). Other courses will be run during October to December but subjects (Laptops, Tablets or Workshops) have yet to be determined based on enquiries.

    All courses take place on Tuesday at Hilderstone Village Hall 10-12noon.

    To enrol contact Roy on 01889505676 or email 

    For more information on the Getting To Know Your Computer course, click on the underlined text.

    Please note that in future all Computer Courses will be held on Tuesdays.

    Other possible courses, which can be arranged according to demand, on Tuesday afternoons, include:


    All pictures taken at the September 2016 Tablet Course

    PowerPoint (also Open Office Presenter) - The ideal software to use if you want to make a presentation to an audience. It can also be used to collate photographs and video material to show to friends and family, allowing you to add your own commentary.

    Photo Story 3 - Photographs, music and voice over, to video.

    Windows Movie Maker - Takes you beyond the basics of Photo Story 3 and allows you to incorporate video clips and manipulate the sound and video lengths etc.

    Vegas and Pinnacle - Propriety products which have to be purchased. Which one to purchase is a matter of choice, cost and level of experience? We would recommend everyone to at least use one of the Microsoft products before choosing one of these. These products do however, allow users to add another level of sophistication to their finished video/film.

    The maximum number of members on these courses is 10.

    If you are interested in any of these courses, please contact Roy Clark:

    e-mail: or telephone: 01889505676